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More Stamps will Update later and note that some artist that own stamps might remove them and many of them removed most of they're pokemon stamps so sadly my most of my liked pokemon stamps are removed...

Random Favourites

I'm in training to be better artist, I need new skills and new style to learn from many tutorial that I could learn. So I'm up to earn money to help my family when I have more people to like my drawings.

Link to go see some tutorial on this link to my favs file!…
this can try to help you but here some groups that you should check to help your art skills
:icontutorialsforyou: :icontutorialsclub: :icondigitalarttutorial: :iconimprovement-club: :icondigital-coloring: :iconthe-tutorial-guild: :iconmemetutorialwplaclub: :icontutorialhouse: :icontutorialcafe: :icondivine-tutorials:

I'm in training to be better artist, I need new skills and new style to learn from many tutorial that I could learn. So I'm up to earn money to help my family when I have more people to like my drawings.

Link to go see some tutorial on this link to my favs file!…
this can try to help you but here some groups that you should check to help your art skills



I did not post much around DA because some drawings are adult related and I don't like posting my adult drawings on here since some users do not enjoys.

Some drawings will be mark as Mature so you wont be seeing my mature drawings.

Favorites won't be showing much furry related and they're going to be right folders so you furry fans can check them out.

Another note, that I won't make another account for furry related so, no it's too much work for me to look both DA account in one laptop.

News update that I'll be getting my own paypal account so I can do commish, going to college, going to work animations again.

Thank you for reading and hope I will post more drawings that isn't adult related.

PS Up Coming on my Youtube channel there will be my Secret OC, he's like new but already created around 2012.
Sharing status is just pointless on DA and this need a better updates! :U

DeviantART Need a NEWS STATUS page view!
Watched Did you know gaming on Fire Emblem and this got me interest, on this.
Now I need to save money for Fire Emblem Awaking 3DS. And I see how they got success and it was thanks to Sakurai feature Marth and Roy. on Super Smash Bros melee.
This is like facebook on this post, ._.
Valentine's day is coming and here some thoughts on love and... Worthless people who don't care about love, and here some thoughts and reason, and tips.

After events I had, 1 teenager's death, talk lot with my good friends, and other that I regrets. If your single, it does not matter if your alone since you have good friends who are with you, even those who are also single as well, had a crush on someone? don't get too far on yourself like what i did and I kinda regrets.

When Seeing this person's action:
Personally when someone act "if I had a BF I will coddle him and make love" with lot of spam post like that, this person don't even care of love, he rather care money more than love, and you don't want this kind a person take your money and broke your heart.

The Most dumbest way to try to get his own mate is making a post with writing like this "who want to date this person?" I would NOT listen to this person and he already lost my trust since he wanted to date someone badly. my suggest to DON'T LISTEN to this person, since he might be 75% caring money more than love.

Being single:
Being single does not look so bad, most worthless person who say "being single is bad" is just worthless thing to say. You should be glad that your friends care of you and does not matter if they're already mated or not already mated as they're your friends after all, but one news event and it happen last year on Valentine's day, that a teenage girl does not give a fuck about her friends and only care having a boyfriend. Like... wow... It's very disappointed to see any person who think they're alone but already had friends on his/her side, what to know what she did? well she suicide herself by jumping out a building while her grandmother in sleep. It's very disappointed death to me and I don't hate kids so much (only hate kids if they're messing around like bullying) her friends was on her side and now very upset since she's dead. So remember, it does not matter if your single.

Tip and look simple:
if your in love with someone, and here one thing you can to do "be yourself" and try to be honest. If your crush isn't interest well... you can get use to being single, like I said about being single.

If someone like to RP on you, or your BF or doing on someone who already mated:
It's a tricky thing when you want to RP someone like breeding, kissing and other stuff to this person who already had mated, you better make sure that you should know him and his BF if they're fine with those or not ok on those.

To people who already got mated, you should know your mate still love you after all, and don't be worry if your mate get a RP on kissing, had breeding RP, as long you and your mate trust you, and you trust him/her. That is like important part when there trust.

Being jealousy:
Here the personal event that I had, this wont be named on someone, and something how I learn from my mistake, So be warn when reading this. This is related to drama event, but it wont happen again.
When I had a crush on someone, I feel like that I wanted him to be my BF badly since he defend me sometimes more than my friends, I had in comments with this person but sadly someone took my crush and give him hard time with my crush from his relationship between both, I wished them to break them up and my wish came true, I very regretted for wishing them to break up, afters month time, as I ask my crush to be my BF, he rejected me that he's done with relationship online. I was so upset over this person and I felt like this person lied to me, and so... I made a big drama about him, made people hated him, me, and some other person who never met to be drag into drama. Cost one person quit FA forever and it's was all my fault that I was very jealous of me, l still loved this person, I gave myself pain from the drama that I and I see that I can't change love or else hatred happen, and now I have one person bugs me and he is in my black list for making haters for me over the drama what happen. I have Quit FA around this event as I call myself worthless after seeing this person quit FA with again, pain that I been to, and I don't care how much dumb to do when giving myself pain for my friends. But now I'm in love with someone else and I don't want to start this drama again. But I swear, I'll be upset if someone if not giving up to cyber bullying me by gossip on people. (I know what to do, I can block people) Now I came back to FA and it was thanks to my friends who want me back but bad starting to come back since a person from my black list.

So please don't mention someone's name happen in this event and I'll remove all your comments and block you if you don't listen to me.

And so that is jealousy I think? what I did. You don't want to be jealous when your love crush rejected you, or your love crush is in love with someone else. If your friend is on jealousy just please stop him/her or let him/her go if he/she is not worthy as your friend.

Sorry about my English looking bad but thank you for reading and hope you plan well with Valentine's day, or go have fun being single and stay out of trouble when there careless people around.

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Kai151Drandro, or Eduarizard
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I'm just some guy, likes people around DA, busy in real life, and others things. I sometimes think myself how slutty myself when I screw things up, I care some people, childhood stinks when I get pick on and people used to say "You'll never be awesome kid around!" I don't care what they say, I'm usely alone in real life, I'm not much good at writing, I'm sure myself I would be lucky one day. I am loveble draggy. o//.=.//o

Sólo soy un chico, le gusta la gente alrededor de DA, ocupado en la vida real, y otras cosas. A veces pienso que yo mismo lo cachonda cuando me equivoco las cosas, me importa que algunas personas, la niñez apesta cuando llegue a molestar a la gente y decían "Nunca serás niño impresionante alrededor!" No me importa lo que digan, estoy usely solo en la vida real, yo no soy muy bueno escribiendo, estoy seguro de mí mismo que tener la suerte de un día. Estoy draggy loveble. o / /. =. / / O

Además yo no hablo español tanto ...
Sex: Male
Relationship Status: got a Relationship
Likes: cookies, fine chat, play games, dragons, sexyness and freedom
Dislikes: Stalkers, trying to date, bullies, n00bs, friend faker, friend begger, request begger, fakers, use me as a tool, friend beggar (people who are not real friends and try to be friends me and they don't really know me at all) and crazy fan boys/girls.
Favortie Gamer player: PewdiePie
Favorite Movie Actor: Jonny Depp
Favorite Pokemon: Charizard
Favorite Digimon: Guilmon
Favorite Style: Shiny, and hard work drawings
Favorite Anime: Panty & Stocking, High School Of The Dead, Legendz, Pokemon, Digimon, and others

:iconroselb-1: :iconroselb-2: :iconroselb-3: :iconroselb-4: :iconroselb-5: :iconroselb-5: :iconroselb-5: :iconroselb-5: :iconroselb-5: :iconroselb-5: :iconroselb-5: :iconroselb-5:

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by :iconauramora: Rock and Roll by auramora
by :iconkamimondai: Happy (LATE) Birthday FireEdStar by Kamimondai
by :iconmojo1985: FireEdStar mixed up with me. by Mojo1985
by :iconacer0: Team Hatena by Acer0
by :iconmacandbloo101: Happy birthday FireEdStar! by MacandBloo101
Go watch them if your into them.
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:thumb180875627: I work in Flipnote Hatena:
Kai id:EdStar…

Tumblr. Stamp by PFV0-Stamp I reposts, and Post something what I like.

Eduarizard :
Dirty101Kai :… [WARNING: This account can be very dirty, and others are not for kids]

Facebook Stamp by leifnicholz I someonetime I talk my about my day or my feeling but not all of it in facbook fan page
Ed The Charizard :!/p…

Colors! 3D Stamp by Misskatt66
watch my drawings step by step and how I go
Eduarizard :…

YouTube by angelkittin
Kai Drandro :…
Eduarizard :…

I Prefer FurAffinity Stamp by mistystriker I am part furry!
Kai151Drandro :…

.::Miiverse Stamp::. by Misskatt66 I write stuff and post on Nintendo Games!
DraggyStar id: Eduarizard:…

PIXIV member stamp by Teruchan Almost related to FA and DA, but I don't post much on there
Fire151Dragon/Kai_Drandro :
Warning, if you have a account you might had to Set as G because I been checking dirty work.

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aah... My Favourtes where I like arts but I pick some random arts I guess... but I hope there best arts

:iconblacksparklesplz::icondragonkekeplz: Stamps Rule stamp by Stamp-Maker :icondragonwant: :iconredsparklesplz:

:iconredsparklesplz: :iconblacksparklesplz: :iconredsparklesplz: :icontophatplz: :iconredsparklesplz: :iconblacksparklesplz: :iconredsparklesplz:
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I may need points for Premium Membership so I could change my username and other stuff I could do so you can have fun those with me.

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